vrijdag 5 juni 2009

Spin Off @ PIP

This was a nice event. Crew battle's, 2 on 2's, cypher session and poppin' battle's. The crew battle's were pretty dope, the final: Bomber Kids Vs. Hustle Kids... (guess who won). I was a bit too late for all the 2 on 2 battles. But my "warm up" pictures start right in a 2 on 2 batlle. The cypher session was hectic and in my opinion those french bboy's didn't win. The litlle dude from Bomberkids, lil' Hotstepper, smoked everyone who dared to enter and in my opinion he was the king of the circle. But I am not a judge so... too bad. 
And the training session afterwards was really nice, everybody was having fun and didn't want to leave. 

I did learn something very important though: my fisheye lens, low light area's with people who move fast... is not a good combo! A lot of the pictures were blurry and focused badly....... sooo learnt my lesson there. 
However... the pictures are pretty kewl anyways!