dinsdag 23 juni 2009

North Sea Jam

Finally, the pictures of "North Sea Jam" @ De Grote Markt are done. The event was pretty awesome! The crew battles were intense and the battles after that, with al the different countries, were dope. And I had a first-row-on-stage-close-to-all-the-action-good-for-shooting-pictures...spot. The light was a real gift from god, I didn't had to use my flash and I could keep the Shutter Speed of my camera pretty high. 
I have one thing to say about the crew battle's though. I always thought that losing was the worst thing that can happen. BUT NO losing and crying at the judges because you disagree with there opinion is way worse. Go and make the crowd scream boo is very disrespectfull against the other crew. Then claiming a Tie Breaker and one of the dancers you select isn't (really) in your crew will complete the whole definition of a sore loser. 

I thought breakin' battles were mostly for the fun of dancing, but some people just care about winning... it's sad.

However the pictures turned out awesome, if you want 1 in better quality just email me or something!