donderdag 30 april 2009

Do The D.A.N.C.E.

I found these pictures the other day. It's Jaimy Joeri and me, and we are performing on "vcl". This is the first time I actually don't have to puke when i see the pictures, normally they are totally crapy... I guess they're o.k. now. 

check it out.

dinsdag 28 april 2009

They Have Arrived

Yesterday was a good day. I woke up and there was a package for me. I was only expecting one thing, The Daft Punk figures! I quickly grabbed a t shirt and went downstairs. When i saw the label I was sure it were them, it was from France.

10 minutes Later, 
These are the sickest figures ever. You can pose them anyway you want to and there are some really nice details. I just can't describe it in words how awesome they are, so I will just describe it with pictures. 

Just click on a picture to go to the whole album 

zaterdag 25 april 2009

Grosse Markt

Just some fun pictures from last night. Total Randomness!


I thought it would be cool if i would post some pictures of places where i have been. I would like to start with "Antwerp". So here are 10 pictures of Antwerp, hope you like 'em.

donderdag 23 april 2009

Something About Us

A nice version of Daft Punk's "Something About Us". Played with: A Nintendo DS, A Keyboard, voice and Theremin.

Wolf and Pig

Definately one of the best stop motion animations i've ever seen.

woensdag 22 april 2009

Compact Kitchen

This is the most awsome kitchen i've ever seen. This really saves up some space. Now al we need is a bedroom, living room and bathroom that works like this. 


This is an awesome Animation about houses in America or something.
I think there are many ways to interpetate it...

dinsdag 21 april 2009

It's A Piece Of Cake

Jawgem showed me this clip the other day. 
I Just have to share this with you all!

zondag 19 april 2009

Collectors Convention

Saturday we went to the collector's convention in Utrecht. There is a huge area with toys, old and new ones. Besides that, a HUGE area with vinyl. Also some area's with antique's and that kind of crap. (i was just checking the toys and vinyl out)

Got some kewl records: RUN DMC, Rock Steady Crew, DMX and even Lil' Wayne xD.

But the best thing 'Jawgem' and me both got is......: The "Millenium Falcon"! (from Star Wars)
They both look like crap, but we are going to repaint them, in a way no one has seen the millenium falcon before!
More Updates Coming Soon!

If someone can guess what that thing is my brother bought, that person will win a prize or something...

Super Awesome Random Slowmotion Collab

Beau and Joeri made an awesome video. The title says it all.
Sick editing by Beau, he really listenend to the music (Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius)

Part 2 is coming soon, i haved joined the team in that one.
Make shure you check it out!

vrijdag 17 april 2009

Daft Punk Medicom 12"

Damn the cool cats online-store is selling the Daft Punk Medicom 12" Figures. These are like the sickest figures ever! I believe the first time i saw them i was in Palais de Tokyo, a kewl museum in Paris that has an awesome store, and that was the last time i've actually been so close to the figures. They are like super posable, so you can make 'em: wave, sit, hang or just stand tuff. I've always wanted them....but 160,- a piece. that means 320,- ('cause you can't buy one, that's fucking stupid!) .... a little bit out of my budget...but i am now thinking of a way to buy them, because they are so damn HOT!

Skateboarding BANG!

Hahah this shit is so random, just watch.
the real fun starts around 1.20.....

donderdag 16 april 2009

Supah Sale!

Na de The North Sea Jam had concrete de 'Supermarkt' 4 dagen gevuld met hun kleding. Alles voor supersale prijzen! tee's voor 10 euro, like totally insane!
Natuurlijk was ik er (elke dag) bij, hier wat foto's van de eerste dag.

Just click on a picture to see them all.

Lot of stuff

Joeri and Me

Only 10 Bucks?!

Mista Gordon

woensdag 15 april 2009

North Sea Jam

Het was kk HARD! North Sea Jam in de "Supermarkt". 
de 2 on 2's gevolgd door de 'special' battle', seven to drunk.
'MistaSweet' afgewisseld door het live optreden van 'Urban Roots United' zorgde voor de muzikale toevoeging.
Tijdens de 'seven to drunk' deed het publiek hard mee en werd een dope move beloont door...chaos; springende, schreeuwende en dansende peoples op de dansvloer. 
Ondanks de 6 Vodka shots in zn maag, wist James de 'seven to drunk' te winnen.

Winnaars 2 on 2's : Hustle Kids (wow what a surprise...)
Winnaar special battle: James 

maandag 13 april 2009


Breakdance in de "Supermarkt". binnenkort alle foto's!

maandag 6 april 2009

yes...a new mix!

A brand new mix by Justice, U2 - Get on your boots.

woensdag 1 april 2009

Nike Paris Bastille by 180g

180g will team up with nike to create a series of Nike branded products. Footwear, Tees and Tracktops, all in the wide-range dyes 180g is known for.
It's just a preview, but a damn colorfull one!

Van Fashion

I like Bubbles

I Like Bubbles from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

Ladyhawke - Dusk Till Dawn

Miss 'Ladyhawke' from down under has got a new song.
Her songs sound great to mix, like 'Breakbot' used the guitar line from "Paris is burning" in his 'dance on glass' mix.
Look at the Rubik's Cube in the Video...... XD

Bloody Beetroots Feat. Steve Aoki - Warp

Ofcourse we've all seen this one.
But i decided to post it anyways.
The Bloody Beetroots definately not got inspired by some french dj's.....
But these italians are Hard as Hell!!!