dinsdag 26 mei 2009

A'dam 16th May

We were in Amsterdam the 16th of May. Mostly to complete the outfits we need for our breakdance performance. We needed some old funky stuff, and what is a better place to get that than Amsterdam. (yeah I know Paris, but that wasn't an option...this time) Soo we checked out Patta/Ben-G, both Zipper stores, the Episode, the vintage store were i got my huarache's (nice), some other kewl stores and to topp it off... we went to stupid KFC where: the line was too long, the people who work there are retarded, the prizes are HUGE....and seriously that little chicken one bite petite burger thingie that can't even call itself a burger is not satisfying! like not at all!

ofcourse i brought my camera along, and shot some awesome pictures!