woensdag 8 juli 2009


Ofcourse we were at "YouR: Music festival" to see N*E*R*D* (and Winne), it was really really crowded. People were pushing, jumping, singing, screaming, dancing, crowdsurfing there was a mosh pit somewhere... I coudn't find it though. At the entrance they tried to not let me in because of my camera, but I put up my sweetest smile and they said as long as the camera stays in my bag and no pictures were shot it was ok... yeah like i'm actually not gonna take it out when I can shoot N*E*R*D*.... Duh! I think, because everybody is going fuckin insane, N*E*R*D* is one of the hardest things to get a nice focused picture of. However, between the million shots I took with my arm stretched out as high as I could, (not very high, since I ain't big) there are some kewl and pretty well focused ones. 

After le festival, we went to gorilli to celebrate their anniversary. It was nice and relaxed, like...who doesn't want to have a Bday bash in gorilli?!
We also ran into some familiar faces at the party....

A fun day in Roffa

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